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Internal Medicine — Taiche Griffin

Internal Medicine

Meet Beverley Bodley

Founder of Total Body Health Care

Beverley Bodley is a Nurse Practitioner, Author, Youth Empowerment Coach, and Motivational Speaker. She was born on the Island of St. Lucia, grew up in Barbados, and later migrated to the USA. Beverly has over 15 years of medical experience, with her love for health, wellness, and educating her clients she launched out to fulfill a dream Total Body Medical Service. Beverly holds a Master of Science / Nursing Practitioner from Purdue Global University, Chicago. Her Journey started at the Florida Hospital College in 2004.

Her work experience has covered a wide scope of nursing care. She journeyed up the ladder from staff nurse to nurse manager in 2015. Beverly's passion and hard work motivated her to a bigger challenge to become a travel nurse for 3 years. Her Nursing practitioner journey started at the Suwannee Correctional Institution and today she has expanded her reach through Total Body Medicine.

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Total Body Health Care is a new service line off the branch of TPMS. It is geared to serving the community with excellent care. Our goal is to educate and empower our clients. We look forward to serving you.

About Total Body Care

What Do We Treat?

Abscess, Incisions, and Drainage, Anemia, Conjunctivitis, Diabetes, Diverticulitis, Extremities, Minor Injury, Fungus Infection, Hypertension, Laceration, Minor Suturing, Otitis Media and External, Rash, School and Sports Physicals, Sinusitis Infections, Sinusitis Toenails, Ingrowns, Toothache, Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Urinary Tract Infections

What Are The Duties Of An Advanced Registered Nurse?

Advance Practice Registered Nurse duties vary but in summary, to provide medical treatment for outpatient population. Diagnose and treat health conditions and illnesses both chronic and acute. Review t he patient medical record and promote good health practices. Conducted physical examinations, interpreting and ordering of labs, interpreting and ordering of diagnostic tests and overseeing patient’s health. Propose treatments for chronic, acute and infect ious diseases. Prescribe medication. Discuss/educate and promote disease prevention and screenings. Perform annual physical examination including PAP. Consult and refer to specialists when appropriate. Dictations on EMR within a timely manner. Work closely with office administration, physicians, peers, and staff in collaboration to improve organization operations.

Why Choose Total Body?

Beverley and Taiche have worked together in the medical field for approximately 15 years. We worked in different organizations for 5 years before we again reunited in working for the same practice. Throughout those 5 years we kept in touch with each other and always support one another. In 2021, after completing my NP program and my first book. I started working on starting my own Telemedicine business. After discussing my plans with Taiche she encouraged me to join her in working in the practice where we both work presently. It only took 1 month working together to realize we were both working on the same goal. I thought about asking Taiche if we could join together as a team and accomplish our goals together. However, I wanted to pray about it first so I decided to keep that thought to myself and wait. I prayed and asked God for a sign, if this was His will. I was surprised when Taiche approached me and asked me to be her business partner. I am truly blessed and grateful.

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"Thank you TPMS for taking all my holistic and medical needs. You never know how important one company or provider can be in life. Taiche’ is a God sent. She has helped with life planning, weight loss, and most importantly a serious health challenge. I can honestly say she saved my life. I appreciate TPMS more than ever. Thank you Taiche’ for your love, kindness, support, and direction."

- L. Mitchell

Total Body Health Care

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“Taiche’s body sculpting services have helped me gain better body confidence! I’m not scared to show my body in public anymore, Thank you TPMS.”

– TPMS Client


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